Big And Tall Mens Belt Shopping Guide

Big and Tall Man’s Belts

Big man belts - BrownHow you wear a big man belt is a litmus test for a man’s fashion sense. Perfecting this simple task will confirm that you know your clothing style.

Errors or mismatch may indicate that there is more to learn when it comes to dressing like a true gentleman. Fortunately, getting down the basics is not rocket science.

Again, the most important is getting the fundamentals right, the rest is all about your personal taste and expression. To start, let’s begin with the belt length.

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Big Man’s Belt – Length

ideal belt length for manWhen it comes to choosing the proper length, a big man dress belts should have several inches of “leftover” leather once it’s fastened. There should be enough leather so you can tuck it nicely on the first loop of your pants.

It’s better to err on the side of having shorter extra length rather than having a long, wrapping extra leather as this will always look awkward.

When you purchase a big man’s belt from a store, it is usually measured in ranges, like 40″-42″. When it comes to choosing the length, a good starting point is having a big man’s belt with a measurement of 2 or 3 sizes larger compared to your pants.

For example, if you are size 38″, then your belt should around 40″-42″. Nevertheless, you still need to try wearing the belt as a test. Keep in mind that a nicely worn belt will feel a bit tight.

There is a certain big man’s belt that is known as “brass on brass”. These are the kinds of belt that has a buckle and a brass cap. You usually feed the other end of the belt into the mechanism and lock it. As a result, there will be no spare belt when looked at the outside.

Most of the time, these kinds of belts are made of fabric. Hence, you can safely trim the length, and then lock the cap in place. Speaking of brass, let’s talk about buckles.

Big Man’s Belt – Buckles

A vintage belt buckle imageAnother general rule to remember – when it comes to buckles, the smaller it is, the more formal the occasion. Dress belts often have flat and small belt buckles. Larger and rounder buckle shapes are typically worn for casual styles.

Almost all buckles will come in either silver-colored or gold-colored finish.

If you are wearing male jewelry – like tie tacks, cuff-links and such – make sure that your belt color is within the same color family of your male jewelry.

For example, if you have gold-colored tie tacks and cuff-links, then your belt buckle should be within the gold color family. However, there is one exception.

If you have a wedding ring, there is no need for your belt buckle to match the color of your wedding ring. It is already understood in fashion that your ring is independent from the style you want to express.

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When it comes to casual wear, you are free to wear any kind of buckle. However, your main concern should be consistency, and not the size and shape of the buckle.

This means if you are wearing large-sized buckles with a western theme, then wear it with a western-style outfit. What you don’t want to do is wear the same buckle with an urban look outfit. It’s okay to mix and match, but there are certain pairings that simply won’t work.

Big Man’s Belt – Color

Big man Belts - Brown ColorWhen it comes to the general rule for belt color, leather colors should match. This means that if you are wearing brown leather shoes, then your belt should be of the same leather color. If your shoes are glossy and highly polished, you would want your belt to be glossy also.

The same case for matte belts and matte shoes. One exception is wearing cloth shoes. With cloth shoes, you can wear a cloth belt and it does not have to match to the color of your shoes.

Belts with rare animal patterns are best worn for casual occasions. A snakeskin belt may be too ostentatious when used in a business setting.

An ostrich-skin belt can be very attention-grabbing, but keep in mind the level of attention you would want to attract to your midsection. The same can also be said for belts with bright colors.

Big Man’s Belt – Price

You will be surprised how similar looking belts can have a wide difference when it comes to the price. The biggest reason for this is the materials.

To test if the leather is of high-quality, try bending the belt. High-quality leather should not crack or turn brittle.You can also lightly scratch the back of the belt using your fingernails.

Old and hard leather should resist nail scratches and won’t show a faint scratch line. Of course, another factor that affects pricing is the brand name. Well-known brands will always cost more.

You could say that wearing the right kind of belt is a simple test to see if you know your fashion basics. However, don’t stress too much about it as the basics of the belt wearing is easy to nail.

Just remember a few general rules that this article mentioned, especially when it comes to belt length, buckles, color and pricing.

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