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Things to know about cheap lacrosse equipment

Lacrosse is a two-team sport that employs a rubber ball and lacrosse sticks. The lacrosse stick is a long, hand-held tool with a net at one end. Lacrosse is usually considered rough; it entails throwing, catching, and holding the ball with the end of the lacrosse equipment

What is the gear needed to play lacrosse?
Lacrosse is a high-contact sport, and it is generally fast-paced, so you’ll want the right gear come game day. Some of the gear needed in the game includes the following:

  • The Crosse – The first vital item is the lacrosse stick, which is the players’ primary piece of equipment on the field. The stick is comprised of a shaft and a head. The shaft can be wielded and grasped easily while the head is used to catch, cradle, and throw the ball. It is also used to block shots and defend against opponents’ checks.
  • Pads – The lacrosse pads protect the player from checks, hard shots from opponents, and other contact on the field. Pads are light; they are designed to complement player agility and speed on the field, rather than working against it. Common areas covered by the pads consist of the shoulders, arms, and elbows. Pads are mostly worn by lacrosse goalies.
  • Helmet or goggles – The players also wear a lacrosse helmet or lacrosse goggles to protect the face and the head from stick checks, body checks, and other impacts.
  • Gloves – The lacrosse gloves help protect the hands, wrist, and fingers against impacts from other players’ shafts.
  • Cleats/shoes – The lacrosse cleats or shoes offer traction when traversing the field. They can be used on different surfaces, though you will need to choose the right lacrosse shoe in order to ensure safety.

    With the right gear, you can participate in lacrosse knowing that you are safe and prepared.

    Getting started with the gear

    If you are a beginner in the lacrosse world, your first step should be to find the right gear. Since you don’t want to spend too much since you know if you like the sport, you are better off getting cheap lacrosse equipment. For example, a beginner is better off with a pre-strung lacrosse stick, simply because it generally costs less; a pre-strung lacrosse stick is also more flexible for a beginner in the field.lacrosse equipment player

    You can usually find cheap lacrosse equipment—around $225 for the entire set—for boys. Girl’s gear can cost less than $90 for the whole set. In order to maximize your savings, you should find a store that can sell you all the necessary gear at once.

    Choosing the right lacrosse head
    The head of your lacrosse stick is what determines your control when you have the ball. Consider the following parts:

  • The sidewalls. If you are a defender, go for a stiff head, which will be heavier. The forward players should choose the flexible and lightweight heads.
  • The scoop. The drop scoop allows you to shoot accurately while the flat scoop will help you play efficiently on the ground.
  • Offset. This is the decrease of the sidewall or rail, in relation to the handle’s center line. Choose it wisely.
  • Pocket. A narrow pocket will enhance the accuracy and retention while the wide pocket is the perfect choice for beginners and the defensive players.

    Make sure you go for a head that suits your preference and role in the game.

    Finding the perfect lacrosse shaft
    Even with the right lacrosse head, you will still need the right shaft for the lacrosse stick. The shaft plays a key role in determining your speed and agility on the field. As always, you should choose your shaft’s material wisely and according to your need. Common materials include the following:
    Aluminum alloy – These are strong, easy to use, versatile, and the best choice for beginners and young players. They are also considered some of the most affordable lacrosse equipment.
    Composite – These shafts are strong, but lightweight as well. They are the best choice for attackers and are designed for advanced players.
    Titanium – Stronger and lighter than aluminum alloy shafts, these are considered the best for picking and throwing hard hits. They are meant for defenders and advanced players.lacrosse helmet cheap
    Scandium – Professional-grade material generally chosen for its light weight and high strength. Shafts made of scandium are generally used by professionals, and are accordingly expensive
    Despite popular belief, genuine, affordable lacrosse equipment isn’t that hard to come by—especially if you do your research and make your purchases wisely.

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