Custom Leather Dog Collars: A Buyer’s Guide

Dogs are man’s best friend. What better way to ensure your best friends’ safety—and keep them looking stylish in the process—than a couple of custom leather dog collars? In this article, we’ll take a look at what to consider when shopping for custom leather dog collars.presidents custom leather dog collar

Know your dog when ordering custom leather dog collars

Before picking out the collar of your choice, take a minute to consider whether or not it’s suited to your four-footed friend. Getting the wrong type can lead to discomfort or worse, so it pays to go through the pros and cons of leather before purchasing. Here are some basic guidelines:

• How old is your dog?

o If you plan on purchasing a collar for a puppy, you might want to hold off on the leather for a while. Until your dog finishes growing, you can bet you will be buying larger and larger collars throughout its spurts; a leather collar may be fashionable and sturdy, but it will also be non-adjustable.

• Seadogs and water rats

o Similarly, if your dog spends a lot of time in or around bodies of water—or, alternatively, if you live in an area with heavy rainfall and inclement weather—leather may not be the best material for your pet. It will most likely get worn out sooner than later, and it may prove uncomfortable to wear.

• Daily grindblue custom leather dog collars

o It’s best to purchase a custom leather dog collar if you plan on having it on your pet for everyday wear. Leather is the perfect lasting material and can be made to fit any size dog, provided your friend is all grown up.

• Wear and tear

o Leather dog collars are durable. With the former exception of heavy water use, rest assured that, in choosing leather, you are planning for the future. It is the premier choice of material for any hard-working, hard-playing dog.

Know your leathers

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Knowing how the collar has been made and what sort of leather has been used to craft it should also factor into your decision.
• Naturally tanned leather trumps chemically treated leather
• Look for providers working with leathers also suited for human apparel and bridle leather
• Pick of the litter in suppleness and durability: English bridle leather, Italian leather
• The strongest contenders: latigo leather, full grain leather, or top grain leather
• Watch out for companies who do not elaborate on the kind of leather used, because it might be faux leather


Know the use of your pet’s collar

• Everyday use

o If you’re thinking of buying a custom leather collar for everyday use, you’re on the right track! A leather collar is normally an excellent choice, since it’s supple enough to be comfortable for your dog to wear every day, as well as long-lasting and durable enough for most situations. It’s worth investing in a high-quality custom piece, since most owners rarely remove their dog’s collar. Dogs tend to form attachments to their collars, and leather lasts long enough that you won’t have to change their accustomed collar often. To wrap it all up, it’s easy to engrave your pet’s name into a custom leather dog collar for a little extra cost.custom leather dog collars

• Harnesses and walking collars

o If your dog is relatively small and a hard puller, you might want to invest in a collar specifically made for walking them down the street. However, if you have a bigger dog, you will definitively want to invest in a leather harness so your enthusiastic friend doesn’t hurt his neck and throat.

Make sure to size your dog collar correctly for the breed of your dog. There is a size chart here.

Some fancy leather dog collars include hand tooled dog collars and dog collars with personalized information on them. Many dog collars can be ordered with matching leashes.

Other types of custom dog collars include:

1. seasonal dog collars: get one for every holiday including Christmas
2. spiked dog collars
3. jeweled dog collars
4. bowtie dog collars
5. patterned dog collars
6. rope dog collars
7. ribbon dog collars
8. recycled dog collars
9. paracord dog collars
10. wide or narrow dog collars
11. retro dog collars


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