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Experience state of the art quilting with KenQuilting machine

The Ken Quilt quilting machine is one of the best quilting machines to use for a business. Founded in the year 1980 by the famous Heinrich and his loyal partner Dan Wirtz, the company has really grown over the years . The company manufactures three types of quilting machines, the basic entry level quilting machine similar to kenquilting machinemachine called the Ken Quilt 622, The royal computer and the Royal Ken Quilt XII. The prices of these machines roughly range from $3800 to an affordable $25,700.

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The Kenquilt 622 short arm Quilting Machine

This kenquilting machine, is the sewers choice when it comes to advanced quilting technology. The features that help sewers the most is the variable control of the speed, the stylus, the laser, the leader on the rails, the solid handles on the back and the front equipped with buttons for control, thread holders, bobbins and a light.

The sleek and ergonomic design is highly appreciated among quilters who use the machine for their various personal or commercial purposes. Users have said that the 12 inch rails are ideal to hold any king sized type of quilt. The whole setup of the Kenquilt quilting machine is very impressive. However, one must remember that this is just an entry level quilt and it is efficient in every way possible.

It runs smoothly and does not lag or cause any problems to the user. The new Royal computer model is integrated with the most advanced computer hardware and the software is latest which makes it possible to build at least 400 different types of patterns.

Features of the Kenquilt KQ622 

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  • The machine is a new 96 class, industrial full sized quilting machine, that is equipped with a rotary hook .
  • It has a precision 1/10 horse power motor which possess a powerful starting torque.quilting material
  • The machine has an impressive sewing speed of about 8000 RPM.
  • It has the innovative new four direction floating type machine mounted carriage, which enables different sewing pattern configurations such as holes and loops.
  • The actual space for pattern quilting is 6 inches. It is a 11 and a half inches from the back of the throat to the needle, and the inside of the throat is, 5 inches.
  • It has a cushion grip, that can handle the cushion grip from the back to the front with an intermittent button .
  • The machine has a light over the needle area.
  • The machine uses the basic size capacity bobbins.
  • The option of control of the speed allows the user to maintain constant speed.
  • The special safety button switch can stop the machine when it is released.
  • The new, spindle, latch system and cog are an impressive addition.
  • A complete set of 12 different patterns of quilting is also included.
  • The machine uses a 3 roller system coupled with ducking, to attach the quilt.
  • Table sizes which are available are 12 inches and 14 inches
  • The overall dimensions of the setup is , height : 48 inches , width : 35 inches and the length is either 12 inch or 14 inch .
  • The package includes a video directing the setup and its operation.
  • The advantages of owning the Ken Quilt quilting machine
  • The first benefit of a quilting machine is now it is possible for you to tailor and sew your own clothes and make your blankets and create upholstery. In case you catch materials on sale, you can easily make the perfect upholstery design at affordable rates .
  • The next benefit of owning the Ken quilt quilting machine, is that you don’t need to use the hand needle to make quick alterations. Often, you find that materials, such s denim are difficult to push a needle through. A quilting machine can easily overcome that issue
  • You can complete gain self dependence by quilting by yourself, neither do you need the help of a tailor, or the upholsterer to make designs for you. You can use your own mind to create your of patterns and designs.

Considerations while buying the Kenquilting machine 

You should know what your quilting needs are, decide if you wish to do embroidery or start a tailoring business. Next is to buy the machine from an authorized shop or dealer who have technicians and staff to answer questions and trouble shoot your problems over the phone at whatever hour or time of the day . Apart from price, it is important to always consider the, warranties, service, table stability, training, resale value, and other features.


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