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Classic Quaint Furniture and Fabrics from Pierre Deux

Dressing Table image ( Pierre deux furniture )In 1967, a small shop opened up in Greenwich Village located in New York City, which would soon, bring the beauty and versatility of French décor to America.

The shop was initially opened, by two French men, Pierre Le Vec coming from an American background and Pierre Moulin.

Their deep immense passion towards the French country art and the simple normal way of French country life, drove them to found Pierre Deux , which would soon become synonymous with impressive French Country , décor in the city of New York .

The pierre deux furniture was an antique styled furniture design that was especially imported from French provinces and sold very well amongst the other varieties of American furniture.

Dining Table ( Pierre deux furniture )However, the fabrics, pillows, curtains, that were generally stocked to accent the impressive furniture sold much better than the furniture. Later, the shop moved on to stock décor from every different room in the living space.

The products that they sold are perfect to add, comfort, warmth, sophistication and charm to complement the perfect American Home.

Varieties of Pierre deux products

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The Pierre Deux Hurricane Lampshade

The Pierre Deux high chimney lampshade has dimensions of 4inches x 10inches x8 inches. This Pierre deux furniture exquisite lampshade is made with the brands famous French cotton type of fabric.

This traditional as well as classic style lampshade is ideal to fit in any corner of the house and complement your home décor. This small size, hurricane style frame is ideal for small kerosene burning lamps.

The dusty pink combined with the green and the aqua color really adds a quaint touch to it. This handmade item, made with styrene, grosgrain ribbon is s durable, with a strong durable frame that is perfect to highlight your home living room décor.

The 70’s Pierre Deux Vintage dress

This 70’s soleiado la Provence de Pierre deux Vintage dress is a specially styled trendy cotton dress which is exquisitely hand made in France. The special feature of this dress is that it is a vintage item from the late 1970’s and is hardly used.

It looks almost as good as new, and is made with the famous, Pierre deux special French fabric and high quality cotton that makes it an impressive dress to own. It is an antique dress that was created at the shop in Madison Avenue in the 1970’s.

The pockets, near to the hip are designed as side seams. The color consists of a jet black background, with red, pink, green and yellow accents. The button detail on the sleeves adds a luxe look to the fashionable item.

The dress is in good condition and is slightly faded from age and light wear but does not have any other issues.

The Ombre blue embroidered pillow cover

This 26×26 sized Pierre Deux blu floral euro pillow is handmade and is extremely beautiful . The concept of the Euro pillow is that it is a very large sized pillow and is ideal for adding comfort to your surrounding living areas.

This pillow consists of surged edges and boasts of high and impressive quality craftsmanship. This giant sized pillow, has a hidden side invisible zipper that adds a splendid touch to its ergonomic design. This handmade pillow is ideal to gif during housewarming occasions or Christmas parties.

The Pierre Deux French Country travel case

This beautiful and luxe Pierre deux travel case is crafted from the premium quality quilted cotton and is ideal to carry jewelry, cosmetics, and intimate apparel. The vintage designed bag has a French country fabric and a sensational red design with blue and yellow flowers criss crossing inside.

The beautiful bag is specially trimmed with caramel quality leather and has two handles at the bottom for optimum functionality. This large and roomy bag has 4 plastic lined compartments on the inside with zipper feature, and also 4 elastic holders to keep your mobile, credit card or wallet.

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The vintage unusual silver trinket box

Trinket box ( pierre deux furniture )This Unusual Les Etains Pierre deux silver trinket box is a vintage item from the 1970’s. It is a unique and rare silver box ingeniously designed in a beautiful shape and texture. The box has two original Pierre deux stamps on it, one with the seal of the company and one, which says 95 % silver.

The ergonomic design and lead free quality makes it an ideal box to store your possessions in. It weighs about half a pound and measures 3 inches wide and three inches high.

Even though the French country décor , company , Pierre Deux has shut down due to financial issues , its legacy still burns strong in the heart of its patrons who yet continue to purchase the Pierre deux furniture online at Ebay.com.

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How To Use Pierre Deux Furniture at Home

If you are looking to revamp your home and enhance your overall living atmosphere, then one of the things that you could consider doing is to refurnish your home space in the french style with Pierre Deux Furniture. For ages, people have turned to furniture and accessories to set the right mood, tone and aura of their homes. It is for this reason that this review article takes a look at Pierre Deux furniture that you can invest in to change the interiors of your home.

Top Aspects of Pierre Deux Furniture

For those who are interested in investing in products that can change the interiors of the home, pierre deux products are sure to be objects of interest. Being one of the most well known furniture brands in the country, these items cater to every need and demand of customers. In this segment, we go over some of the best features and benefits of investing in Pierre Deux furniture.

Classical French Styles: One of the defining characteristics of Pierre Deux Furniture is that it boasts of classic French styles that are both functional and have great visual appeal. The company has been designing furniture while keeping in mind the demands of homemakers; its clean lines and elegant furniture style are unparalleled in their beauty according to some. Overall, this is one of the most popular companies when it comes to French styled furniture.

Versatility in Design: The other reason that these furniture items make for very good investment is that the company offers great versatility. Whether you are looking for stools, tables or home décor accessories, the range of products is endless. This is perfect if you are someone who is looking to redecorate the entire house. Since the range is so vast, every room can be enhanced in its own, unique way. From rustic, provincial designs to the more sophisticated parlor look, this company has it all. All in all, the extensive list of products makes it one of the most successful ventures when it comes to furnishings.

Easily Affordable Furniture: Many of us are looking to revamp the home but do not want to spend exorbitant amounts on refurnishing. In cases like this, Pierre Deux furniture should qualify as a definite investment. The items are both affordable and easy to access online at used auction stores such as eBay or Etsy. Since the company made both furniture items as well as accessories, the economical rates are perfect for those who would like to revamp as well as refurnish their home space. With low rates and very good quality, this is truly a style worth getting.

Use and Functionality of the Products: The real reason that Pierre Deux furniture is so popular among users is because of its functionality. Since the products are designed for comfort, convenience and cost; they are some of the best in the market today. From chairs to stools and tables, the items that this company markets are a perfect blend of elegance and function.

For instance, the French Provincial Rush Seated Chair is perfect for those who are looking for a comfortable dining experience. At the same time, the rustic look enhances the atmosphere of the house and makes for a very pleasant aura. When looked at from the function point of view, the Pierre Deux furniture is perfect and easily handled.

Easy Availability Online: Last, not the least, Pierre Deux furniture has been gaining popularity because of its easy availability. Sites like ebay and etsy are some of the prime distributors of Pierre Deux products. Since the products are displayed online, it is easy and convenient to access different styles at the same time. Moreover, one can also view the items depending on the price range that one is comfortable with. Since the products are available online, it makes for a very easy shopping experience. Whether it is a matter of investing in furniture or drapes, the easy availability of Pierre Deux furniture make the company one of the most frequented agencies in the market.

Concluding Thoughts

When it comes to furniture, Pierre Deux is a one stop destination. Due to the ease of purchase and the wide range of products that they market, this furniture company has truly taken the world by storm. From rustic stool to seated chairs and tables with clean, elegant wood work, the company has truly achieved global popularity. A perfect combination of elegance and comfort, these furniture items are surely ones to look out for.

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