Plus Size Women’s Shoes Shopping Guide

Ask a plus size women, like me, and she will tell you that shopping for Plus size women’s shoes is not always an easy task. Shoes are considered as a fashion staple for any wardrobe. For women, they often mean everything. No matter what your size, every woman loves fabulous shoes. Whether you are buying your own shoe or you are purchasing for your mother or friend, there are various factors you should take into consideration when buying plus size women’s shoes.

For example, plus size Womens shoes often need to have a sturdier heel and a wider fit. In this article, we will be looking at incredible wide sized shoes that wont disappoint any plus size woman.

Sizing Guide For Wide Shoes

Some shoe manufacturers use the terms W and WW. This is true of Munro and New Balance, which I like to buy. Other shoe makers, such as Naturalizer and Rockport, use the letter E. E is the most common label for wider shoe. You can also find C and D used to note a wide, but not an extra wide shoe. You may also find EE or EEE shoes available from some shoe manufacturers.

Syles of Plus Size Womens Shoes


Wider feet will always look incredible wide sized sandals. This shoe blends well with short skirts as well as long maxi skirts.


Many people have the perception that plus size women can’t do well in towering wedges. This is false. Wide sized wedges are made for this task.  The best outfit to wear with these is a short skirt.


These shoes are quite trendy and comes as a good alternative to flats.  Consider pairing these shoes with some dark skinny jeans to get a good look. My favorite wide sized loafer brands are Munro and Naturalizer.  I often buy a pair of Munro loafers each year and wear them for every day use all year long. They are worth it!


plus sized womens flatsFlats

Who said that flats have to be boring? Wide sized flats come in a variety of colors and styles.


Fashion Bootsplus sized womens boots

Wide sized fashion boots do exist.  I used to ride horses English style and needed a special sized boot for that sport, so I know. You need to get a boot that fits your larger, more muscular calf as well as your wider foot. Finding a boot that fits is probably best done at brick and mortar stores where you can try the boot on. If you don’t have a store near you that carries larger boots, find an online retailer with an easy return policy to buy them at, like or Another alternative is to buy a boot that has a low rise and doesn’t fit over your calf.

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Plus size platforms are for those plus size women who don’t want to take feminine fashion to the next level. Featuring a wide platform and a thick heel, these plus size shoes won’t disappoint. To get a monochromatic look, consider wearing black platforms with a black dress.

Pumpsplus sized womens shoes pump

For a plus sized woman, a sturdy heal on a wide sized pump adds a feeling of stability. Without compromising with beauty or height, a wide sized pump will give you a classic look that helps give you a flattering figure. Paired with a pencil skirt and a blouse, this shoe will see you become attractive in your office.

Athletic shoes

All size people need to move, and not just because they think that moving will change their size. I am plus size and will continue to be so my whole life, just like my ancestors. I exercise regularly to feel good. My favorite wide sized athletic shoe is New Balance.

Hiking Boots

Plus size women need to hike too. Wide sized womens boots will help you get out in nature and feel better about the world.

The fact that you are a plus size woman should not lead you to think you can’t find some amazing  shoes. Online shopping is a boon to women with “out of the norm” range sizing.  Size should not limit you; go for what gives you happiness.

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