Unique Smartphone Cases

While zealously waiting for the latest iPhone to hit the market, or the newest Samsung Galaxy  to go down a few dollars, it is worthwhile to keep your current investment in good shape. A good smartphone case will do, but then, you don’t want to be like everyone else, do you?

We came across a few unique cases for your iPhone, LG and Samsung that we thought you would find interesting, especially since you’ve probably not seen anyone with them. We have listed them below in inclusive categories.

Unique Smartphone Cases: Types to check out

1. Handmade Smartphone Cases

When unique’ is the subject of discussion, nothing beats handcrafted objet d’art. These types of handmade unique cell phone caseproducts don’t just improve your phone’s declining aesthetics but also embody and speak for your personality.

You have quite a pool to choose from here: from limited-edition woolen and woven protective cases to wooden and genuine leather ones through to the type you may have to see first to know about.

And if you love those cheeky “keep staring at me” and “I’ll destroy your life” type of messages engraved in your accessories, you can meet the guys behind these amazing articles and have one customized for you at an agreed cost.

2. Rhinestone Cellphone Casesrhinestone cell phone case

If you have a thing for sparkly stuff, why not put it on your phone so it can glitter in your eyes every time you take it out of your pocket? You’d probably love diamond more but its budget version, rhinestone, would go with the situation better. In this category too, you have a range of cases rocking different rhinestone colors and patterns to pick from. Some have been sprinkled carefully with awesome rhinestone print while others are almost completely awash with the splendor, with glittery inscriptions glowing from within. You know what you want.

3. Weird Cellphone Caseswonder woman case

Just in case you don’t think you have the time to order for a smartphone case with weird lettering or characters engraved into it, here is a category with an off-the-rack pool of options for you. However weird you think you may be – from a plausible and short-term “Stay Weird” or “Trump 2016” level to the highest and most unflattering type – the category has got you covered.

4. Sport Team Cellphone Cases

Are you an NBA or NFL fan but for some reason can’t support your fave team live from the stands? You can show your allegiance from work, home or anywhere with one of many beautifully fabricated logo-bearing cases wrapped around your phone.

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So, yeah, probably watching your favorite players on your gadget’s screen while letting the cover make known to the world that you are. The good thing about this category is that it doesn’t impact on the texture or material of the case – just the color. If you love leather and you’re a Patriot, you just go for the option bearing both.

5. Disney Cellphone Cases

Everyone slyly has a thing for Mickey Mouse or the Disney Princesses but very few have the audacity to publicize it. Be among the few and get yourself a smartphone case with a Disney princess placed to look like she is straight from biting off the missing piece from your Apple logo or multiple Mickey Mouse faces strewn unevenly and conspicuously all over the back and the sides. Some cases are even completely transparent to let the image standout and look much like a sticker on the back of your phone.

6. Animal Cellphone Cases

How flattering to your bulldog or pig or chicken would it be to have a depiction of him sitting dominantly on the back of your phone? He probably wouldn’t notice but the world will know you love dogs or cats, which is what every pet-lover wants. That is however not to say the category is strictly tied down to pets. No. Prints of lions, birds, dinosaurs and even Big Foot’ are available too.

7. Comic Book Cellphone Cases

Comic books are bestsellers, and there is a high likelihood you’re a big fan. Grab a smartphone case for yourself with various multicolored symbols such as the large “S” for Superman, the famous onomatopoeias “HAHAHA”, “SPLOOF”, “CRASH” etc. or images of the heroes themselves printed visibly on the back. The level of “crazy” you represent will basically determine what (or how many of these cases) you will end up purchasing.

8. Pokémon Cellphone Cases

Want to take your romance with Pokémon GO to the next level? (Of course as if risking blundering into oncoming vehicles and walking off cliffs isn’t enough a show of loyalty). Cover your phone with a case bearing the illustration of your favorite Pokémon or one of those that has played hard to get since you installed the game. Maybe you’ll luck out this time.

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