Used Dog Boxes For Sale Shopping Guide

For your dog to stay happy, you need a crate and looking for used dog boxes for sale is a great place to start. Dog boxes are also called dog carriers, dog crates, and dog kennels depending on where you live.

There are different types of crates available; you can have one made out of plastic or wires. The crates have been made to make it easy while trying to move the pet from one location to the other. In order to save on cost, you can decide to go for used dog boxes for sale. There are many sellers of the boxes, you should stake your time and locate the best seller as well as the best box which will serve you well. Some of the reasons why the owners can decide to sell the crates include the urge to have new designs; others sell the boxes after giving out their pets, when a dog outgrows the box among other reasons. It is upon you to assess the crate before you buy. If possible you should visit the official sites of the manufacturers so that you will know how much new dog boxes cost before buying.


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Tips for you to pick the best used dog boxes for sale

  1. Size of the dog

The right dog box for you to buy should not restrict the movements of the dog when locked in the box. For example, the dog should be free to stand, turn and even sleep in the box. There are many breeds of dogs available; there are others which will fit in small boxes while others will require more space. If you have a puppy, then you can easily accommodate it in a small box. But, after the puppy develops to a big dog you will have to upgrade your box. A box which will allow the dog comfort when locked in it is the best for you to buy.


  1. Material used to make the crate

You can have a plastic dog box, those made out of wood or the one made out of wires. Before you decide to buy a certain dog box, you should check on the pros and cons of each material. A dog box made out of wires will tend to be easy to set up but the one made out of plastic will offer your dog great privacy. Any crate you will buy should have good ventilation so that your dog will stay comfortable when rested in the crate.


  1. Durability and ease of use

There are some dog boxes which are very easy to assemble and use. If you like traveling a lot the used dog boxes for sale which you can easily fold and carry in the trunk of your car will be among the best for you to buy. A durable crate will serve you for a long period of time before you can think of buying another one. If you will like to save your money more, then buying a crate which is very durable will be the best decision for you to take. You can have a closer look at the used crate before you buy. If there are any joints which appear loose, then you should ask the seller to factor them in the price. You should consider buying a crate which you will easily fix and start using.


  1. Cost of the dog box

When buying the used dog boxes for sale, you should take into consideration your budget. Other sellers will tend to hike prices on certain types of crates. In order to avoid exploitation, it is advisable for you to compare the price of the crates in different stores so that you will know the market value. It will be very easy for you to bargain after you know the market price of the crate.


  1. Number of dogs it can accommodate

There are some crates which have been equipped with divider panels. If you have several dogs which you will like to house in the box, then buying a box which has several panels will be the best idea. The panels will make it easy for you to carry the dog and its puppies. If you have just bought puppies which have not been used to each other, you will easily carry them in a box which has the dividers. It will be economical for you if you will have the dividers instead of buying several dog boxes.

6. Compact for convenience of travel

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Most people love traveling with their dogs everywhere they go. If you are among those who love traveling with their pets, ensure that you keep your dog safe and comfortable during the trip. Although dogs love riding in the same cabin with you without any kind of barrier, remember you are responsible for your dogs as well as your own safety when traveling.

It is adorable to watch your dog dangling out of your vehicle windows with their ears waving in the breeze. However, even if your dog is well mannered, it may be enticed to run around the seat landing on your driving seat causing distractions that may lead to an accident.

To avoid this you can install a dog box on your truck bed to help you in keeping your dog safe while traveling. You can easily find cheap yet durable dog boxes available in aluminum and wooden models that are easy to fix on your car.

These dog carriers come in an assortment of sizes to help you in accommodating everything you need to carry with your dog. New dog creates may be expensive especially if you want to travel with more than one dog. However, you can easily find a used dog crate with lots of space under $300.


In conclusion, make sure that the set up of the dog carrier is dog friendly as well as properly insulated against changing temperature but still offer the necessary ventilation. Online stores will help you to find any type of used dog boxes for sale, regardless of their sizes to help you in traveling with your pet from one place to another with ease.






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